The new production plant of "LAIMA" in Ādaži has been launched


Almost a month ahead of schedule, the new Laima production plant was put into operation on 16 March 2020. It not only allows us to produce our favourite sweets in a contemporary environment but also provides a wide scope for cooperation with other companies in the Orkla Group.

“The modern production plant of Laima consists of five buildings – a two-storey production plant and several technical buildings. The total area of the production plant is 7820 m2. The materials used in the construction are of the highest quality and have been selected to meet the client's objective of building an energy-efficient and safe plant to the highest quality standards. One of the biggest challenges in the project was the construction of the utilities. They are very large, labour-intensive, and tailored to the four different temperature and humidity regimes required for the confectionery production process. While the building may look plain on the outside, its infrastructure is complex and highly digitised. The plant has also been awarded energy efficiency class A,” said Mihails Peščinskis, Project Manager at Merks.

“By building the new home of Laima, we had a unique opportunity to design a building that is adapted to the production technology, not the other way around. We deliberately did this to follow all of the production flows. In other words, the production will be efficient and precise, thus guaranteeing the quality of the products. It will also be functional and convenient for more than 100 production workers. These will be completely different working conditions, which we are looking forward to introducing to our employees,” emphasised Toms Didrihsons, the Chairman of the Board of Orkla Latvija.