We always manage to find the most suitable way of fundraising

It’s our daily reality. We have been working in the industry since 2004 when Latvia joined the European Union and the possibility of attracting public funding became available. Historically we have been focusing directly on the support for entrepreneurs.


  • Support of the European Union structural funds, state and the European Commission public funding mechanisms;
  • Preparation of the project application and accompanying documentation as well as submission, clarification and client representation services;
  • Project implementation services, preparation of reports and participation in audits.


  • Banking, venture capital and private funding. ALTUM program funding;
  • Evaluation of business idea, project planning, prevention of inconsistencies, optimization of balance risks, development of business plan and financial analysis;
  • Development of financing agreements;
  • Client representation.


  • Full cycle investment project management services;
  • Implementation of projects that are related to manufacturing, development or improvement of infrastructure for services;
  • Investor representation;
  • Realization of the project from the idea to key.


  • Improvement of the financial and indicator performance, improvement of the added value, refinancing existing debts;
  • Development and realization of restructuring plans, business activity analysis, strategy re-planning and improvement implementation;
  • Services for refinancing existing liabilities.

About us

During this period, we have managed more than 200 different projects both for new enterprises and for experienced and well known leaders of the industry. Get to know our partners below:

Lauris Bronuss

Previous experience and gained knowledge allows to quickly capture information and to find the best solutions in different circumstances.
My everyday life consists of development of investment plans and financial management models as well as large-scale investment project management and realization. Relentless compulsion to create additional added value to both new and firmly established business mechanisms.


Attraction and structuring of funding;

Reconstruction and development of businesses;

Historically the largest projects are related to metalworking, IT, heating supply, woodworking and research.

Rinalds Trukss

It’s boring to ask questions with short answers. I like complicated strategic situations in the stage of business growth or radical change.
Likewise I have professional interest in directing start-up companies in business.
I’m kind of creative practitioner.


Attraction and structuring of funding. Change management;

Development of business models and use of collaboration work methods in everyday work life;

Historically largest projects are related to woodwork, food processing and printing sector.


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